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Under Armour takes a great leap forward


Under Armour, whose uniforms for the US speed skaters allegedly fell short at the Sochi Olympics, has more than redeemed itself with IwillwhatIwant, a new campaign aimed at women. Like many other lifestyle brands, the athletic-wear designer is jumping on the girls’ and women’s empowerment bandwagon to celebrate those “who live on their own terms”…

We are Barbie, hear us roar


Sports Illustrated caused a kerfuffle last month when it featured (the allegedly sexualized) Barbie in its (demonstrably sexist) swimsuit issue. As a feminist, I just couldn’t see what the fuss was about. As Barbie herself explained, without irony, in a brilliantly written full-page ad in NYT, she is “a doll.” A provocative conversation starter and…

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