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Television goes to the dogs (and cats)


How much misery could be prevented in the world if we all had someone to love us. Unconditionally. Unwaveringly. And, most especially, non-judgmentally. As they say in our nation’s capitol, “if you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.” (Considering his tsuris with Congress, perhaps the president should get a kennel-full.) So we were…

Civility, compassion and cats: three campaigns to discover


It’s Columbus Day. What better time to discover some exceptional creative work? From the “Chamomile Tea Party” comes these highly topical, re-imagined WWII propaganda posters with pointed yet polite messages asking us to pay attention to what really matters (versus the ersatz free-speech  and highly inflammatory  “Civilization vs Jihad” signage that the NYC and DC…

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