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A moveable feast: Jon Favreau’s “Chef”


If you are what you eat, then the characters in Jon Favreau’s “Chef” are truly the luckiest people in the world. Nominally, a workplace drama about a frustrated restauranter-turned-successful-food-truck operator, it is also a story of fathers and sons, devoted friends and the importance of holding fast to your creative vision even when less, um,…

U-S-A! A-D-S! The selling of the 2014 Winter Olympics


The hills are alive with the sounds of Sochi. Yes, at long last, the 2014 Winter Olympics have arrived, with all their pageantry (shades of Balanchine’s La Sonnambula and Nutcracker), politics and inhumanity to dogs. Let’s overlook for a moment NBC’s pompous (and patronizing) pre-opening show, the snarky comments about the accommodations and the kitschy…

Amazon’s delivery by drone and other flights of creative fancy


Jeff Bezos’s announcement on “60 Minutes” that Amazon is about to launch a drone delivery system for select merchandise has set the cyberworld buzzing. While “Prime Air” deliveries are unlikely to take off before 2015 (at the earliest), this improbable innovation is a perfect example of what branding and strategy firm, Lippincott (think Starbucks, Coca…

Creativity, advertising and the art of being vulnerable


The annuals are coming, the annuals are coming! Yes, let us all mark the arrival of those year-end reviews celebrating the best of the best creative in advertising, design, illustration, interactive and photography. And praise the winners, who always make me feel like a hack, but inspire me all the same. Communication Arts’s 2013 advertising…

Worth a detour: “Mother Nurture” in Maryland


Along with putting the people’s business on hold and the nation’s credit rating at risk, the government shutdown has closed the door on some of this town’s other, more appealing monuments—the museums and galleries that offer free entrée to the world’s greatest art. So how can the poor, tired and furloughed escape the bickering, name-calling…

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