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Cats to the rescue (again)


From breaking the Internet to safeguarding national security, cats are having another of their nine-lives moments. How better to reward them with a treat, especially in light of the horrible and demeaning costumes we make them wear. Herewith, the best spot of the Christmas—or any—season. Thank you, Temptations Cat Treats and servez-vous!

Television goes to the dogs (and cats)


How much misery could be prevented in the world if we all had someone to love us. Unconditionally. Unwaveringly. And, most especially, non-judgmentally. As they say in our nation’s capitol, “if you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.” (Considering his tsuris with Congress, perhaps the president should get a kennel-full.) So we were…

Breaking through the zetabytes


The advertising column in today’s NYT covers the recent 4As conference and notes, among other things, that ad “agency executives rivaled their clients in the use of industry jargon.” If you can get past such terms as “zetabytes” (a measure of information storage capacity) or “customer decision journey,” what we (or they) are really talking…

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