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If logos could talk, what would they say?


Anyone who’s ever undergone an exercise in (re)branding knows the challenge logo design presents. After the research, the strategizing, the endless rounds of diplomatic back-and-forth with all the stakeholders, the numerous iterations and testing, you and your brand’s identity eventually reach that karmic state where all is distilled into one unassailable truth. An image so…

Apple and Dignity Health try a little tenderness


Apple may have abandoned skeuomorphism with its iOS 7 (provoking a whole new controversy) but recent advertising and product development show the brand hasn’t lost its human touch. Released just this past week is a new print and TV campaign highlighting the company’s commitment to “design that enhances each life it touches.” It’s emotional, elegant,…

What consumers want from their brands


In a word, simplicity. At least, that’s what branding firm Siegel + Gale reports in their third annual global brand simplicity index, which analyzed and compared 500 leading brands and key industries around the world “to understand how scale and different attributes of simplicity affect consumer perceptions.” Some findings: 1. Who’s on top? Leading brands…

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