All the world’s a stage


And for marketers and their agencies, the Superbowl is one of the greatest. Big money, big egos, high stakes and occasionally high art.

This year, it was #SuperBowlSoPolitical. Instead of frat humor, we saw (for the most part) bigger, topical truths told with intelligence, emotion, cinematic production values and sly humor, specifically:

Coca Cola (an encore performance from 2014) and Airbnb, celebrating what already makes America great: multi-culturalism.

H&R Block. A match made in heaven–IBM Watson’s brain and your money.

Honda CRV.In true high-school yearbook fashion, the younger selves of today’s stars tell us that “dreams are within reach.”

84Lumber. An immigrant story that’s much more than meets the eye. It literally broke the Internet.

Audi takes the high road, committing itself to “equal pay for equal work.”

Persil. With Bill Nye, the science guy and ten(!) dimensions of clean.

It’sA10 warns that we’re in for “four years of awful hair” so do your part and resist with great hair of your own.

Diversity, take a bow.

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