Worth their weight in gold


Last night’s Golden Globes were good for the soul. (For charity’s sake, we’ll overlook the bizarre schtick perpetrated by Sofia Vergara, Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer.) Moonlight and La La Land deserved their honors and I hope that we as a nation deserve the inspiring words of Viola Davis and Meryl Streep. They are the healing we’ve been waiting for since Election Day.

The commercial canon was exceptional too. Herewith my faves:

L’Oreal Rosy Tone Moisturizer. When Queen Helen speaks, we women listen. A lovely homage to age and beauty. Yes, “we’ve still got it. And we’re still worth it.”

L’Oreal Match 33-Shades Foundations puts identity politics in its prettiest light, celebrating the multi-culti, multi-hued and multi-gendered real world we aspire to inhabit. https://ispot.tv/a/A8Zf

TurboTax rescues horror-film stalwart Kathy Bates from a houseful of creepy un-dead children. Can Intuit rescue us from the new administration as well, I wonder? https://ispot.tv/a/AmlI

Cheerios is all about love. And what’s more lovable than funny baby videos. A delight.  https://ispot.tv/a/AN_C

Creativity can indeed soothe a broken heart.

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