Any color as long as it’s “nude”


Intimate apparel that celebrates the many hues of nude

Fashion is having a kumbaya moment. From shoes to cosmetics, designers are celebrating the many hues of nude. Now, Naja has introduced Nude for all, a collection of intimate apparel in seven color options–from palest beige to very dark. All designed to enhance their wearer’s shape and body positivity.

Founders Catalina Girald and actress Gina Rodriguez wanted to create fashions that went beyond a pretty face and traditional lingerie model’s body. It is a brand with a strong point of view and reason for being. “There is nothing more encouraging than seeing the outpouring of love and necessity for inclusion. Not just in the industry, not just in our schools or workplace, but in our own journey of acceptance. To be seen, to be included, to be represented, to be uplifted, that is what this line is all about. Now we all get to go nude,” Rodriguez explained.

What Naja and other enlightened companies are saying is: diversity is beautiful. Candidates, take note.

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