Fit to be tried


I work out a lot and I’m a big fan of health trackers. But even the most slothful won’t be able to resist this delightful spot, appropriately titled “Dualities,” for the Fitbit Blaze. (Full disclosure: I’m a loyal Fitbit wearer.) From the music (Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’s “Little Demons”) to the action (a series of compellingly seamless match dissolves), the watch demonstrates in heart-pumping living color how exercise enriches even the most basic activities of daily living. The very definition of product as hero(ine).

AND TIED…On the other hand, there’s this, the very essence of a not-good-for-you food. Calorie content aside, was it really in the brand’s best interest to stake its intro on a confrontation between police and a civilian? With all the recent stories about tragic encounters, the spot screams “too soon.” Not to mention, unfunny and tasteless.

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