Oh, grow up!


There are commercials that pique your interest and others that just piss you off. To start off the new year in an appropriately picky frame of mind, here’s an example of each.

Schwab “Own your tomorrow.” On the theory that even high-net-worth individuals don’t know everything there is to know about making (and keeping) money, Charles Schwab presents its wealth management advisory services with subtle but telling family dynamics that would make Shakespeare proud. Each spot in the campaign is a jewel, well cast and beautifully produced with dialogue and subtext that make you wince (in a good way).

Speaking of cringe-worthy, Geico’s usually high-spirited creativity falls flat for me with this aw-w-w-w-w-k-ward class reunion scenario featuring Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and classmates who clearly haven’t aged well. I get the saving money part but there is something so grating about the performances, excellent though they are, that watch them, it’s not what I do.


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