The AFA claims to speak for God and what it says isn’t pretty

The American Family Associate advocates for traditional, God-prescribed marriage

The AFA’s hail-Mary pass to defend traditional marriage

Holy-moly! I’m all for free expression of religion, advocacy and even the pairing of the two. But this takes the (wedding) cake. In a last ditch effort to save civilization, children and Christianity from the “desires of man,” the American Family Association is urging the Supreme Court to “adjudicate rightly that which is God’s alone to decide.” In other words, “affirm marriage as between one man and one woman.” To legitimize same-sex marriage, the organization argues, “would be saying that God has no place in our public square” and that “mothers and fathers together are no longer relevant in the lives of their children.” Can you spell “hyperbole?” Painful as it is to admit, this is a well-done ad and that makes it all the more pernicious. It pushes all the buttons of the faithful (some of whom are serving on the High Court) and presents a crabbed and incorrect reading of the our nation’s civic bible–the Constitution. You have to wonder, hasn’t the AFA (or its lawyers) ever heard of the Establishment Clause? I’ve got to believe that God take a more expansive view of love in all its forms. The bigotry and intolerance enshrined in AFA’s theology reside solely in the minds and hearts of man.

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