What logos say about brands and brains

Where the brain stores and interprets logos

Your brain on logos. Source: Logomaker

Your logo is more than just a pretty face. It’s a stimulus for a whole host of perceptions that determine whether or not prospects reach for your brand or Brand X and how they feel about it when they do.

Logomaker has put together a nifty infographic based on the latest neuroscience showing how the brain processes the shape, color and meaning of a logo and traces the path of this information to the places in the brain where it is recognized and stored. Fun fact: it takes just 400 milliseconds for your brain to register the logo it sees and analyze its meaning, context and impact.

A logo can enhance your consumers’ self-esteem, encourage brand loyalty and unconsciously drive positive behaviors like creativity and honesty, not to mention purchase behavior. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, your logo can speak volumes.

Something to think about.

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