Under Armour takes a great leap forward


Under Armour, whose uniforms for the US speed skaters allegedly fell short at the Sochi Olympics, has more than redeemed itself with IwillwhatIwant, a new campaign aimed at women. Like many other lifestyle brands, the athletic-wear designer is jumping on the girls’ and women’s empowerment bandwagon to celebrate those “who live on their own terms” and, oh, by the way, are examples of physical beauty and inner strength.

The first chapter in the “womanifesto” stars Misty Copeland, an American Ballet Theatre soloist (and the only African American to rise to that position) in a spot that tells her story of “adversity and grace” while highlighting her serious musculature and exceptional “ballon” (lift). And, in a very of-the-moment move, the campaign will also partner with the health app MapMyFitness to link women the world over in a digital community of fitness and support.

For their next act, perhaps Under Armour “will” agitate for what I and countless women really “want”—freedom, equality, autonomy, respect.

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