Health insurers’ advertising mines the credibility gap


Is AHIP suffering from amnesia? Are all its members afflicted with short-term memory loss or do they think we’ve been living in some parallel universe?

Thanks to the ACA’s insurance mandate, carriers are falling all over themselves to recruit new customers (and profits) with claims of superior service, warm and fuzzy patient care and cutting-edge technology.  Humana promises to “close the gap” between people and the healthcare they deserve (presumably the very same care they denied to the very same people just months earlier due to “pre-existing” conditions). Cigna is all about seeing you as the “living, breathing person” you are (as opposed, I guess, to the source of limitless revenue you’ve been).  And United Healthcare is offering patients and their families information they can trust (and the data the carrier and other marketers can likely use).

Creative but not very credible.

Healthcare providers, meanwhile, are still struggling to get the reimbursements they’re due while compensation for insurance CEOs is at its highest level yet.

Makes you yearn for stricter “truth in advertising” regulations or, at the very least, true and universal health care.


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