Do you hear what he hears? Rob Kapilow explains “what makes it great.”

Rob Kapilow explains what makes Antonio Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" great

Rob Kapilow and Antonio Vivaldi

Rob Kapilow is a “tummler,” (Yiddish for “professional entertainer”) in the very best sense of the word. To be sure, he’s a classically trained “composer, conductor and commentator” but his effervescent, spirited and engaging presentation would be as welcome at Grossinger’s as it was last night at GW Lisner Auditorium where he turned his considerable intelligence to Antonio Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons.”

Leading violinist Paul Huang and the Peabody Chamber Orchestra through two movements of this baroque masterpiece (Spring and Summer), Kapilow took the audience measure by measure, beat by beat through the sub-text of the score, deconstructing the virtuosity and story-telling behind the music, teasing out the various themes and bringing a new way to hear what is arguably one of the most popular concertos in the world. (It was well loved in Vivaldi’s time too.)

Kapilow’s great gift is revealing the conversations inherent in the music and bringing them alive for audiences “of all ages and backgrounds…opening new ears to musical experiences and helping people listen actively rather than just hear.”

For Vivaldi, the surface of things was the stuff of life. With Kapilow as our guide, we go beyond the surface and discover art. Hear more here.




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