The re- re- re- re- invention of the Grand Old Party


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As the sainted Ronald Reagan might say, there they go again. The Republicans are reinventing themselves, slipping in and out of personas faster than a model changing clothes during Fashion Week. All in a vain attempt to put a pretty mask on a harsh, plutocratic and insurrectionist face.

Meet the new Republicans (spoiler alert: same as the old ones), who have launched a hip and happening new website to set forth their new (old) positions: lower taxes, smaller government, American exceptionalism and local values (states rights?). It features a cool-looking line drawing of an elephant that, when you glance at it quickly, appears to be moving backwards. Best of all, there’s a section called “critical thinking.” It’s just a collection of policy papers but you have to admit that “critical thinking” is a curious descriptor for a party that rejects evolution, climate change and healthcare reform.

Jindal and Jeb are lurking there too. After all, we wouldn’t want to take this re-invention thing too far.

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