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Like the cherry blossoms, the housing market is emerging from its long winter of discontent and with it comes a crop of new creative selling  and selling around “the American dream.” Our listings this week:

Berkshire Hathaway is bullish on real estate. On homebuyers and sellers’ acumen, not so much. In this new commercial, an affluent family, surprisingly angsty first-time home sellers, is helped through this arduous ordeal thanks to their HomeServices broker’s gentle ministrations. The photography is house-porn beautiful but the overall vibe with the whispery tones and emo music is more Ingmar Bergman than the sunny seer of Omaha.

On the other hand, the realtors in ATT’s “Professional Women” close the deal on their business mobile share plan with a minimum of fuss or wasted emotion. While all the talent and styling are top-notch (those blazers! that hair! the crossed arms!), the lone guy on the team (Evan Arnold) brings down the house.

Where would homeowners be without IKEA, whose spectacularly named DIY home furnishings lend a playful spirit to any décor (at least until you try to figure out the instructions). UK student designer Joe Ling has proposed refreshing the brand’s identity with a stacked logo suggestive of the company’s iconic Allen wrench and the flat packaging for which the retailer is known. Engaging, clever and eye-catching, this new design is, as the HomeServices people might say, very “good to know.”

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