Monthly Archives: April 2014

Do you hear what he hears? Rob Kapilow explains “what makes it great.”


Rob Kapilow is a “tummler,” (Yiddish for “professional entertainer”) in the very best sense of the word. To be sure, he’s a classically trained “composer, conductor and commentator” but his effervescent, spirited and engaging presentation would be as welcome at Grossinger’s as it was last night at GW Lisner Auditorium where he turned his considerable…

Do people who need people need Volvo?


Remaining fresh and relevant is a challenge that every marketer faces at some point during a brand’s life cycle. Companies and organizations re-brand for a host of strategic and not-so-strategic reasons. There can be new leadership (and therefore new priorities), new competition (e.g. Samsung takes on Apple), new consumer behaviors and new platforms on which…

Homes, phones and logo design


Like the cherry blossoms, the housing market is emerging from its long winter of discontent and with it comes a crop of new creative selling  and selling around “the American dream.” Our listings this week: Berkshire Hathaway is bullish on real estate. On homebuyers and sellers’ acumen, not so much. In this new commercial, an affluent…

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