Television goes to the dogs (and cats)


How much misery could be prevented in the world if we all had someone to love us. Unconditionally. Unwaveringly. And, most especially, non-judgmentally. As they say in our nation’s capitol, “if you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.” (Considering his tsuris with Congress, perhaps the president should get a kennel-full.) So we were drawn to three feel-good TV spots this week that celebrate the companionship and delight (and occasional aggravation) our companion animals give us every day. Clearly, emotional storytelling and humor are every pet’s best friends.

Mayhew Animal Home (London). I loved “Unloved,” a suspensful tale with a surprising and heartwarming ending. (Spoiler alert: dogs save the day.)

screen grab from Stainmaster Pet Protect commercial

So sorry


Stainmaster Pet Protect. As the owner of a dachshund (notoriously impervious to training of any kind) and Maine Coon cats (fur factories), this commercial takes advantage of two social media trends (hashtags and gentle shaming) and Brenda Lee’s priceless “I’m Sorry” to market the fur/odor/stain repelling benefits of its new line of carpeting.





New Petco commercial

Man’s best friend


Petco. Once known as the “place where pets go,” ( a still memorable tagline), the company now promotes the unique partnership between animals and their people with the “power of together.” Moving and beautifully shot.

 There, don’t you feel better now? When you get home tonight, give your pet an extra kiss or, better yet, make a contribution to the humane society or animal protection organization of your choice.

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