Tapas: sketches from a Spanish kitchen

A glass plate for elBulli, designed by Estudio Luesma & Vega

got leche?

The sunny, surreal nature of Spanish cuisine and decor is on full display at “Tapas,” a multi-media exhibit of food, tableware and restaurant design now being served at the Former Residence of the Ambassadors of Spain in Washington, DC.

Like the appetizers that give the show its name, the items have been curated  and assembled to provoke the eye and delight the palate—from an ingenious cutting board that sends breadcrumbs down a chute to feed the birds outside to 3-D printers that mold raw ingredients into fanciful shapes and decorative presentations. There are playful touches as well: coffee cups with the handle inside, silver plated trivets made of “toast,” a re-purposed dessert cart that comes with its own pop-up cake tray and chic recyclable wood utensils and plates.

My favorite: a display devoted to the humble Chupa Chups lollipop whose logo and package design were created by Salvador Dalí. Who knew?

According to Miguel de Cervantes, hunger makes the best sauce. But it is the aesthetic and wit of “Tapas: Spanish Design for Food” that give la “cocina española” new piquancy and appeal.


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