A Tail of Two Bowl Games: The Seahawks and Broncos go to the Dogs


If anyone had asked me whom I was rooting for in Superbowl XLVIII, I would have been hard pressed to answer. Yes, I like Richard Sherman (for his attitude as much as for his GPA) so I guess that makes me a Seahawks fan. But mostly I was rooting for the ads. I was rooting for art. I was rooting for something that made me say, “Boy, I wish I had done that!”

So, not surprisingly, I didn’t watch a lot of the action. I watched the commercials. In their pods. In real time. My post-play analysis? Lots of  faux poetry. Not much art or break-through creativity.

Budweiser, “Puppy Love
Cheerios, “Gracie” (the mother’s reaction was priceless)
Chevy Silverado, “Romance”
Chrysler, “Bob Dylan does Detroit” (!)
Microsoft, “Empowering us all” (a paean to technology delivered by the perfect choice of  talent)
T-Mobile, “Contracts hold us back” (as Tim Tebow winningly demonstrates)

Maserati Ghibli, “We have prepared.” (Not even Quvenzhané Wallis could save this tripe)
(Red), Bono and Bank of America donate a $1.
Scientology, “Higher states of existence”
SquareSpace, “A better web starts with your website.” (funny parody, weak payoff)

As for the other Bowl Game—Puppy Bowl X—I watched every too-cute minute on (and off) the field. Loved the wise and winning Subaru series (The Barkleys) and the engaging YellaWood (“build some downtime”).

But if you ask me, Mandy wuz robbed.




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