Monthly Archives: October 2013

The ways of all flesh (tones) in film and fashion


What do Christian Louboutin and Solomon Northrup have in common? On the surface, it would seem very little. Louboutin is the designer of high-priced women’s footwear with a trademarked red sole. Northrup is the author of a harrowing 1852 memoir—now a movie—which tells of his kidnapping, brutal enslavement and eventual escape to freedom in “12…

Google’s “Fearless” spot misses the point of “what (really) matters”


In a charming new spot introducing the Nexus 7 tablet, Google shows what’s right—and wrong—with search as we know it. The commercial features a tween confronted with a public speaking assignment and a bad case of “glossophobia” who turns to his tablet for instruction and inspiration. He finds “The King’s Speech” and Colin Firth, FDR’s…

Worth a detour: “Mother Nurture” in Maryland


Along with putting the people’s business on hold and the nation’s credit rating at risk, the government shutdown has closed the door on some of this town’s other, more appealing monuments—the museums and galleries that offer free entrée to the world’s greatest art. So how can the poor, tired and furloughed escape the bickering, name-calling…

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