The 2013 Emmys telecast—Gone and soon forgotten


Another season, another head-scratcher of a show. Before the 2013 Emmys fade into well-deserved oblivion, let’s take a moment to present a couple of awards to the truly best creative productions of the night.

Best cinematography and editing: Neutrogena (“Now, that’s beautiful.”)

Best revival of a sympathetic theme: United Airlines (“Fly friendly.”)

Coolest new product: Samsung’s Smart TV (“TV has never been better.”)

Most entertaining and provocative storytelling: Cosmopolitan Hotel  (“Just the right amount of wrong”)

Most (re)watchable campaign: Target (“Expect more. Pay less.”)

How is it that a show given over to recognizing the best of what is still a great medium was so utterly lacking in wit, sophistication and creativity? Maybe it’s time to rethink and reinvent the whole notion of award shows so that they live up to the art they seek to celebrate. A more contemporary and emotionally resonant approach would go a long way in restoring their relevance and entertainment value.

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