Monthly Archives: September 2013

The 2013 Emmys telecast—Gone and soon forgotten


Another season, another head-scratcher of a show. Before the 2013 Emmys fade into well-deserved oblivion, let’s take a moment to present a couple of awards to the truly best creative productions of the night. Best cinematography and editing: Neutrogena (“Now, that’s beautiful.”) Best revival of a sympathetic theme: United Airlines (“Fly friendly.”) Coolest new product:…

The joy of Sukkot: BanG Studio’s new take on an ancient tradition


At once ephemeral and eternal, the sukkah celebrates the bounty of the harvest while reminding us of the vulnerability of man in the face of nature’s awesome power. It is the quintessential symbol of Judaism—a mix of joy and solemn reflection, aspiration and struggle.  For Sukkah City, an international design competition dedicated to re-imagining this…

New designs for (empowered) living from Michael Graves


Michael Graves is on a mission: to empower people with physical limitations to go about the activities of daily life (which we, the able bodied, take for granted) with dignity and respect. Paralyzed by a rare virus and wheelchair-bound since 2003, the well-known architect and industrial designer has experienced first-hand the challenges this often-overlooked population…

In memoriam–12 years later


The National September 11 Memorial Museum urges us to “take a day to remember…and honor the best in humanity” in this delicate animated video that recalls the soaring towers of the World Trade Center and the bright blue sky of “the day that changed us” twelve years ago. Robert de Niro narrated the spot created pro bono by BBDO.

Yahoo! Marissa Mayer takes on logo design!


Much has been made of Marissa Mayer’s work ethic (No maternity leave for me, thanks! And no more telecommuting for you!), aggressive growth strategies, resistance to government spying and even sense of style. But the world has remained blissfully unaware of her interest in logo design. Until now. Writing in Tumblr, the self-described geek reveals…

Washington’s Corcoran Gallery goes to war


Whatever you may think of the president’s decision to delay American military action in Syria, the Corcoran’s exhibit of war photography is an apt reminder that “war is a nightmare experience,” as Don McCullin, a British photographer, wrote about an earlier US battlefield disaster–Vietnam. Arranged thematically (e.g. “The Fight,” “Refugees,” “Remembrance”), the show of 200…

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