Monthly Archives: July 2013

Heads you win, Hightail you lose


Brand equity is hard to come by so you don’t want to squander it, cause your users to lose confidence in your product/service or, worse, abandon you for the competition. Yet, amazingly, this is what YouSendIt–everyone’s go-to file-sharing service–has accomplished with a name change that’s about as puzzling as that of Kimye’s latest release, um,…

You say you want an evolution? Acura’s re-brand stalls out.


Charles Darwin, call your agent. American Honda has pre-empted your theory of evolution and put it in the service of an automobile. Not just any vehicle, but the Acura MDX, “the world’s smartest luxury SUV.” Just how smart is this SUV? What goes into its elevated IQ and evolved superiority? Rear view cameras? Parking assists?…

Cheerios stands its ground


Brands, like the companies that own them, don’t like to rock the boat. A few negative comments on Facebook or YouTube or Twitter can bring a lot of grief to the bottom line and the marketing directors charged with managing the fallout. Cheers, then, to Cheerios (and its parent company, General Mills), which not only…

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