Empathetic design. Fantasia. Interpretive dance. Crowd-sourcing.


A few of my favorite (creative) things this week and well worth adding to your summer reading/viewing list.

Empathetic design. This 60-Minutes profile of David Kelley, founder of IDEO and good friend of Steve Jobs, is a master class on how thoughtful, intuitive design can change the world.

The Rite stuff. An appreciation of Walt Disney, who had the genius to see the Big Bang and dinosaurs in the dissonant chords of Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring” and the audacity to tell the story of creation through what was then an experimental art form—animation—in  “Fantasia.”

The Art of Altima. Bravo to Nissan, which replaces the standard lab and road test vignettes to interpret how safety really feels and looks in this refreshing new commercial using dancers as demonstrators.

Creative crowd-sourcing. A new initiative from Creative for Good (the brainchild of the Advertising Council and Ketchum) that encourages nonprofits and other public service organizations to “borrow” and adapt already-developed and tested campaign materials (plan, strategies, media buys, ads) rather than commit scarce funding to creating something new. A brilliant way to effect social change and create good will toward the contributing ad and PR agencies themselves.


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