Apple and Dignity Health try a little tenderness


Apple may have abandoned skeuomorphism with its iOS 7 (provoking a whole new controversy) but recent advertising and product development show the brand hasn’t lost its human touch.

Released just this past week is a new print and TV campaign highlighting the company’s commitment to “design that enhances each life it touches.” It’s emotional, elegant, spare, benefit driven. Everything you’d expect from Apple. Yet, for all that, there’s just one pesky detail that goes unmentioned. The products may be “Designed by Apple in California” but they are manufactured and assembled by workers in less than life-enhancing factories in China. As Apple should know, “this is what matters,” too.

More successfully, Apple highlights its contributions to the dynamic and disruptive mobile health sector with a video that promotes new apps designed to improve the lives of those in remote communities or facing serious cognitive or physical challenges. The stories are uplifting and the technology’s pretty amazing. It’s not for nothing that MedCity News calls this the “wow of the week.”

In the same vein (and getting a head start on the advent of the ACA) Dignity Health, a hospital chain serving California, Arizona and Nevada, has rebranded itself with a new logo and re-dedication to “human kindness.” The accompanying website is devoted to random acts of kindness, no doubt to put a more compassionate face on the harsh and less-than-kind world of American health care and ads call for making empathy and humanity “part of every conversation and debate and policy decision.” A well-intentioned effort but its prognosis is unclear.


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