Monthly Archives: June 2013

Empathetic design. Fantasia. Interpretive dance. Crowd-sourcing.


A few of my favorite (creative) things this week and well worth adding to your summer reading/viewing list. Empathetic design. This 60-Minutes profile of David Kelley, founder of IDEO and good friend of Steve Jobs, is a master class on how thoughtful, intuitive design can change the world. The Rite stuff. An appreciation of Walt…

Apple and Dignity Health try a little tenderness


Apple may have abandoned skeuomorphism with its iOS 7 (provoking a whole new controversy) but recent advertising and product development show the brand hasn’t lost its human touch. Released just this past week is a new print and TV campaign highlighting the company’s commitment to “design that enhances each life it touches.” It’s emotional, elegant,…

Why sorry seems to be the hardest word: the art of apology


In the new novel, “A Thousand Pardons,” the protagonist (stay-at-home mom turned professional crisis communicator) urges her clients to apologize honestly and sincerely for their misdeeds. No dancing around the subject, no past passive exonerative (“mistakes were made”), nothing too clever by half.  Just a humble “I’m sorry. I did a bad thing. I will…

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