Monthly Archives: May 2013

Of time, creativity and product demos


My son, the millennial, graduated from college this past weekend so I am feeling very Tevye-ish (“Is this the little girl I carried, / Is this the little boy at play? / I don’t remember growing older, / When did they?”). Here are two spots that communicate much more elegantly not only my feelings this…

The fundamental rules apply


This weekend, I saw “The Reluctant Fundamentalist,” a film, which, like its characters, is not what it appears. A Rashomon-like tale of families, nations and values—betrayed and upheld—it’s a story where words (like fundamentalist) have multiple meanings and actions can only be truly appreciated “from the beginning” and in their proper context. If only the…

Stills that speak volumes


The first thing you notice when you enter “Photography and the American Civil War” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is the silence. There is a hush, an intake of breath, a softly murmured “oh my”—the same, sad quiet that you hear at Antietam, Gettysburg and Civil War sites all around the country. And no…

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