Monthly Archives: April 2013

Omega tells time beautifully


If it’s May, it must be time for watch advertising, all the better to celebrate the trifecta of late Spring events: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and graduation. Rather than focusing on the traditional (and often brand-indistinguishable) beauty shots (of product or wearer), Omega shows us precisely what makes its Co-Axial Chronometer tick with magical animation…

Beauty is as Dove does


For some time now, Dove has been encouraging “a global conversation about the need for a wider definition of beauty” and has been celebrating women in all their multi-hued, multi-ethnic, full-figured, angular, youthful, older, freckle-faced diversity. While there were some negative comments about alleged photoshopping, the “Real Beauty” campaign has endured and evolved and now…

The bullets on the bus


While the NRA would prefer otherwise, the parents of Sandy Hook are refusing to change the subject or the conversation about guns. For them, the political has become exquisitely–and painfully–personal. Last night’s 60 Minutes devoted two segments to the “after” of their lives since December 14. It was television at its devastating best and if…

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