Monthly Archives: March 2013

Breaking through the zetabytes


The advertising column in today’s NYT covers the recent 4As conference and notes, among other things, that ad “agency executives rivaled their clients in the use of industry jargon.” If you can get past such terms as “zetabytes” (a measure of information storage capacity) or “customer decision journey,” what we (or they) are really talking…

Are there words enough to stop the guns?


It is almost three months to the day after the massacre of the innocents in Newtown—a before-and-after moment that, like September 11, was supposed to “change things.” So what’s changed? The usual suspects (the NRA, the president, Second Amendment absolutists, gun opponents, doctors, victims and their families, members of Congress, advocacy organizations) have all said…

The world is full of beautiful things


A treat for the eye and ear (especially on this snowquester day), the mesmerizing new global TV spot for Etihad Airways (Abu Dhabi). Beautifully shot, edited and scored (to Bobby Darin’s 1967 hit, “Beautiful Things”), it promises to make even the most cynical traveler (and viewer) feel like a “guest.” Agency: M&C Saatchi. Producers: Rogue…

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