Monthly Archives: February 2013

Creativity seizes the day…


There’s a fine line between art and agitprop but MoveOn’s spot holding Congress accountable for NRA contributions makes its case with passion and compelling production values and talent. A different and effective take on the gun debate.  

Five ways to fuel your creativity


For those still on a creative high following the Super Bowl comes a thought-provoking perspective from Bruce Nussbaum, Professor of Innovation and Design at Parsons | The New School of Design. In his forthcoming book, Creative Intelligence, he charts the connection between creativity and innovation and identifies four ways to amp up your creative capacity…

The night the lights went out in NoLa


There was a temporary blackout during the third quarter of last night’s Super Bowl. But for the Advertising Bowl, the lights never really came on. There was the usual dreck from Go Daddy, incomprehensible spots for Doritos (Goats? Men in drag? Thankfully, not together.) and super-sized portions of sanctimony from Jeep (a salute to the…

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