Medifast has seen the future. And it is beautiful.


Conversations with Yourself—Trailer from Medifast on Vimeo.

Today we celebrate the second inaugural of President Obama and commemorate the birthday of Martin Luther King—two visionaries who personify the phrase (attributed to Mahatma Gandhi): “be the change you want to see.”

In its own way, so does the new campaign from Medifast in which three individuals see themselves as they were and have become and almost wordlessly bring us along on their transformative and emotional journey.

January is traditionally self-improvement month where we all dedicate ourselves to fixing up our homes, our finances and, of course, our figures. While most resolutions fade within weeks, Medifast dramatizes the importance of keeping the “eye on the prize,” never giving up and seeing what can be. It’s a before-and-after with a twist. Weight loss is (just) a metaphor for the change we want to see and achieve in all things.

Apparently, the campaign is working. Year-to-date sales are reportedly up ten-fold. Kudos to the agency, Solve, in Minneapolis and a client with the heart and commitment to bring a new perspective, hope and change to an old category.

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