Monthly Archives: January 2013

Medifast has seen the future. And it is beautiful.


Conversations with Yourself—Trailer from Medifast on Vimeo. Today we celebrate the second inaugural of President Obama and commemorate the birthday of Martin Luther King—two visionaries who personify the phrase (attributed to Mahatma Gandhi): “be the change you want to see.” In its own way, so does the new campaign from Medifast in which three individuals…

What Scheherazade can teach marketers about storytelling


Storytelling can save your (branding) life. Just ask Scheherazade whose captor and, later, consort—the king of Persia—tuned in for a 1001 nights. Storytelling is the word du jour for communicators in every genre. In yesterday’s NYT, there were two wonderful pieces about the importance of narrative as a way to make sense of our world.…

What consumers want from their brands


In a word, simplicity. At least, that’s what branding firm Siegel + Gale reports in their third annual global brand simplicity index, which analyzed and compared 500 leading brands and key industries around the world “to understand how scale and different attributes of simplicity affect consumer perceptions.” Some findings: 1. Who’s on top? Leading brands…

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