Digital beats print/TV in race for America’s eyeballs

Percentage of people who get no news in a given day

The new know-nothings?

There’s the 99% and the 47%. Now meet the 29%–the percentage of people under 25 who get no news at all on a given day. Talk about the low-information voter! The October 8 Adweek surveys big data from the Pew Research Center and plots the nation’s media habits, news engagement and political leanings in a nifty infographic. Some findings:

1. While TV is still the dominant single news source (55%), digital media (email, online and social networks) are gaining in influence and reach.

2. Most of us are following news more but enjoying it less (52% in 2008 vs 43% in 2012). Not too surprising given the toxicity of the campaigns.

3. The 30-64 demo is the biggest consumer of news overall, although certain programming skews to specific age groups (i.e. Colbert/Stewart, 18-29, WSJ and Economist, 30-49 and Hannity/O’Reilly, 65+)

4. Democrats get their news from MSNBC, upscale magazines like The New Yorker and CNN, in that order.

5. Republicans prefer Fox and news blogs.

Looks as though we’re as divided in our news consumption as we are about everything else. That 29%, though, is disturbing.

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