Civility, compassion and cats: three campaigns to discover

Metro signage created by Chamomile Tea Party

If you can't say something nice...

It’s Columbus Day. What better time to discover some exceptional creative work?

From the “Chamomile Tea Party” comes these highly topical, re-imagined WWII propaganda posters with pointed yet polite messages asking us to pay attention to what really matters (versus the ersatz free-speech  and highly inflammatory  “Civilization vs Jihad” signage that the NYC and DC subway systems have been forced to display.) Artist: Jeff Gates.

From Expedia, a touching long-form spot that tells a bigger truth of love, understanding and marriage equality. Note to Chick-Fil-A: this is how it’s done.

And from Grey/Singapore, a brilliant print campaign demonstrating the superior lint pick-up qualities of 3M’s adhesive rollers. Pet parents everywhere will relate.

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