Political advertising and its discontents

campaign logos

Enough already!

Money, politics and advertising. The trifecta of misery this time of year.

As a resident of Washington, DC, I’ve been treated to a surfeit of unimaginative attack ads, mostly centered in Virginia, which is not only a swing state in the presidential race but is engaged in a tough fight for its political and civic soul (issues and candidates).

Virginia is but a whisper compared to Ohio where I just spent a weekend at a conference on family medicine and primary care. Obama, Romney, Sherrod Brown and regretful Jews now voting for Romney have taken over the airwaves to such a degree that Phillip Morris, a Cleveland Plains Dealer columnist, admitted that the 2012 election cannot be over soon enough.

For those, however, who cannot get enough of the art form, here are three thought-provoking examples:

An anagram for money. A comparison of the Romney and Obama logos. (You’ll never look at that double-R image the same way again.) In this contest, at least, Obama comes out ahead.

Past as prologue. A tour d’horizon of political spots from the 50s-80s (including the famous LBJ “Daisy” commercial).

Channeling Clint Eastwood? This has nothing to do with the presidential campaign except for the timely reference to the empty seat which, for Audi, elicits all manner of emotions (thankfully, none of them horror or embarrassment.)

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