Monthly Archives: October 2012

What good design can tell us about the weather


It’s raining, it’s pouring and if we’re not obsessively charging our phones and tablets and other electronic devices, we’re listening to the radio, watching the Weather Channel and communicating on every platform we can about Hurricane Sandy (#Sandy). Emergencies make news junkies of us all and it’s in an emergency that we search for information…

Women to GOP: You don’t own me


Lesley Gore reminds women (and men) of what’s at stake if Romney and the GOP prevail at the polls. For some reason, this affected me like no other commercial or video on the same subject. Maybe it was the diversity of women (age, ethnicity, preference). Maybe it was the anger in the lyrics. Or maybe…

Comic relief as the campaign draws to a close


Only 15 shopping days til the presidential election and it seems everyone (including the candidates) can’t wait for it to be over. But, this being America, all manner of commercial interests are getting into the act and using humor to make their pitch within the confines of a campaign. There’s Purina’s America’s Pet Debate that…

Civility, compassion and cats: three campaigns to discover


It’s Columbus Day. What better time to discover some exceptional creative work? From the “Chamomile Tea Party” comes these highly topical, re-imagined WWII propaganda posters with pointed yet polite messages asking us to pay attention to what really matters (versus the ersatz free-speech  and highly inflammatory  “Civilization vs Jihad” signage that the NYC and DC…

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