London 2012 hands the torch (and logo challenge) to Rio 2016


Now that the 30th Olympiad has reached its successful and highly rated conclusion, it’s easy to forget how uniformly panned the strange and spiky logo first was. All’s well that ends well for all concerned. Wolff Olins, the design firm that created the mark (and that of Athens in 2006) explains that the design was based on the “energy of the host city, capturing its international, multicultural, creative, modern, energetic, and therefore dissonant personality.” They set out to “make these Olympics in 2012… noticed–to be different because they are different.”

In the same branding-smart vein, the Rio Olympics has a totally different look and feel—as sensuous as the samba and as welcoming as the Cariocas themselves. See how Tatil Design faced the logo challenge and their altogether charming and strategic solution here.

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