Hindsight—one-minute mentoring from creative greats


“We all have stories. We all have wisdom. We all have advice.”  And sharing all these things is the mission of the Hindsight Projectan ongoing and curated video collection of career wisdom provided by experienced professionals across creative fields, with an emphasis on advertising, design, media, public relations, publishing and production.”

My personal faves:

Nick Parish (editorial director, Contagious) tells how the “flagellation process” at the NY Post taught him to write clearly.
Brian Collins (CEO, Chief Creative Officer, COLLINS) recalls redesigning the flasher on a pair of Levis and how “small” projects like this one can change your life.
Matt Eastwood, (Chief Creative Officer, DDB) recommends that every creative learn presentation skills so that s/he can “command a room.”

Intimate, personal, unpretentious, it’s everything you wish someone had told you when you were just starting out but is never too late too learn. Created by creative director Mat Zucker, video content and experience producer Andrea Leminske and director David Gaddie of The Colony.

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