Monthly Archives: August 2012

What’s the big idea? George Lois explains it all to you.


George Lois made his name  as an “agent provocateur,” creating and selling “big ideas” that changed the way we looked at advertising— and the world. Best remembered for his provocative covers for Esquire Magazine, he was also the creative heart and soul behind such groundbreaking campaigns as VW, MTV and the Four Seasons Restaurant. Herewith,…

Piercing the corporate PAC veil


Just in time for the silly season–a way to identify who’s paying for the slew of political ads we can expect to see (or have already been victimized by) from now until Election Day. No longer will candidates be able to hid behind the anonymity that PACs afforded their campaigns. The “Super PAC App,”  uses audio…

London 2012 hands the torch (and logo challenge) to Rio 2016


Now that the 30th Olympiad has reached its successful and highly rated conclusion, it’s easy to forget how uniformly panned the strange and spiky logo first was. All’s well that ends well for all concerned. Wolff Olins, the design firm that created the mark (and that of Athens in 2006) explains that the design was…

Apple’s dumb move on the Genius Bar spots


In my review of  the London 2012 opening ceremonies, I awarded the Apple Genius Bar spots a bronze medal in my own personal creativity competition. I thought they were just great. What do I know? Before the week was out, the campaign was pulled, a victim of kibitizing from the self-proclaimed technophiles who claimed they…

And I can see Alaska from this spot


And speaking of creativity, here’s a spot that brings the great state of Alaska–and its business opportunities–down to size (in a charming and cinematographically clever way). From Vitro.

Hindsight—one-minute mentoring from creative greats


“We all have stories. We all have wisdom. We all have advice.”  And sharing all these things is the mission of the Hindsight Project, “an ongoing and curated video collection of career wisdom provided by experienced professionals across creative fields, with an emphasis on advertising, design, media, public relations, publishing and production.” My personal faves: Nick…

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