Women vote, Roberts rules, Google’s seeing and nothingness


Some creative fireworks for the Fourth:

screen shot from I Vote Nation

Women vote

Women won the right to vote in 1920 with the passage of the 19th Amendment, yet 92 years later, we’re still fighting for sovereignty over our bodies, ourselves. A stunning commercial from I Vote Nation re-caps the latest and greatest outrageous comments from Messrs. Romney, Limbaugh and Paul on contraception, rape and other assaults on women’s independence and autonomy. I VOTE urges all of us to empower women and protect their control over their own bodies.

The SCOTUS decision on the Affordable Care Act in words and pictures.

Google takes tech out of the picture with Project Glass, the new wearable device that allegedly enriches our view of life. At $1500 a pair, it’s something only the affluent or dedicated early adopter can afford (don’t think it’s covered by the new health care law!) but even if or when costs come down, I wonder if wearing these glasses will have the same dislocating effect as watching a film or video unroll on the playback rather than real time.

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