Monthly Archives: July 2012

Now showing: another “dark knight” of the soul


This is a blog about creativity. If ever there was a need for creative thinking, it’s now… Another shooting, another show. Another show of horror. Another show of voyeuristic interviews, armchair psychoanalyzing and political sanctimony. Another show of reductive arguments about gun control. All running in a never-ending loop until something else captures our attention.…

People who live in glass Houzzes and the art of the logo


Visual inspiration to start off the week: Geometry and angst from Houzz: all-too-true Venn diagrams created by architect Jody Brown, illustrating the occasionally uneasy relationship between artists/architects and the clients who love and employ them. The comments are priceless. (The “leading online platform for home remodeling and design,” Houzz opens the door to homeowners, home…

You are your own muse: tapping your creativity


What does it mean to be “creative” and what does it take to get there? Although this blog devotes itself to exploring creativity in all things (from arts and culture to medical apps and political speech), we’ve never actually focused on how to think more creatively and what it might mean for whatever you do…

Trollback’s ode to code


With the discovery this week of the Higgs Boson (the “God particle”), math was much on our minds. In a parallel universe, Trollback, a NYC branding and design agency, has produced this altogether unique animation created entirely out of computer code and visualizations of algorithms for the World Science Foundation’s annual festival.

Women vote, Roberts rules, Google’s seeing and nothingness


Some creative fireworks for the Fourth: Women won the right to vote in 1920 with the passage of the 19th Amendment, yet 92 years later, we’re still fighting for sovereignty over our bodies, ourselves. A stunning commercial from I Vote Nation re-caps the latest and greatest outrageous comments from Messrs. Romney, Limbaugh and Paul on…

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