In sickness and in health…yes, there’s an app for that

medical app

The future of healthcare?

Back in February, we introduced you to, a new website designed to help young women avoid unintended pregnancies. Its delightful design and intuitive use of of-the-moment technologies have successfully connected with the target and changed behaviors while normalizing the conversation around a controversial subject. But they’re not the only one using apps to reach out and engage users in the healthcare space. ZocDoc, Force Therapeutics, and DailyFeats are all using mobile technology—apps, text messaging, remote communications—to make it easier to find providers, monitor health status (blood pressure, weight, calorie consumption, glucose readings, medication compliance, etc.) and develop healthy habits. Indeed, these wireless-enabled devices are among some of the most exciting developments in healthcare, although many practitioners are debating how to best balance high-tech tools with traditionally high-touch medical care. Among the players: Reebok, working with tech partner MC10, will be launching a wearable device later this year, a smart-sensing sticker integrated with apparel, footwear and equipment designed to optimize athletic performance and injury prevention. These and others in the pipeline promise to be real game changers in how healthcare is delivered (and marketed) and may also change the doctor-patient relationship on a very basic level. It remains to be seen if it’s for better or for worse.

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