Monthly Archives: June 2012

Free speech, political speech and “speaking truth to stupid”


Citizens United strikes again. Yesterday, the Supreme Court narrowly defeated a Montana law that would limit political spending by corporations, thus reinforcing the belief—most recently articulated by GOP presidential nominee, Mitt Romney—that “corporations are people, too.” In this strange, new universe, political speech goes to the highest bidder, which, in most cases, puts the needs…

Pret-a-papier: Isabelle de Borchgrave’s fantasy collection


I’ve been in a Marie Antoinette state of mind the past few days. Between Ann Romney’s adventures in dressage and the president’s fundraiser chez Sarah Jessica Parker, there’s a certain “let them eat cake” quality to American politics that’s curiously at odds with our economic times. (Or, perhaps, all too in sync with the vibe.)…

In sickness and in health…yes, there’s an app for that


Back in February, we introduced you to, a new website designed to help young women avoid unintended pregnancies. Its delightful design and intuitive use of of-the-moment technologies have successfully connected with the target and changed behaviors while normalizing the conversation around a controversial subject. But they’re not the only one using apps to reach…

The NYT’s take on innovation


Talk about future shock. Sunday’s NYT Magazine focused on “tomorrow’s leap forward,” highlighting coming innovations (primarily hi-tech) that will change the way we live, work and even think. Starting with the premise that successful innovations are not one-off inspirations but “important leaps forward” built on failures “that synthesize lots of ideas,” it challenges the notion…

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