Monthly Archives: May 2012

For creative insights, give your brain a break


So how did you spend the Memorial Day holiday? If you had the day off, did you do any job-related work?  Did you think about it? Catch up on emails or other procrastinate-able tasks? (True confession: yes, yes and yes.) If so, you may not have done yourself any favors—at least as far as creative…

Why “why” is the most important question you’ll ever ask


Why is the sky blue? Why on this night do we eat matzoh? Why can’t I understand my cellphone bill? With all due respect to journalism, the big questions are not “who, what, where, when and how” but “why, why, why, why, why?” At least, that’s the theory of Eric Ries, author of the Lean…

Could marketing 101 save political discourse?


In their new book, “It’s Even Worse Than It Looks,” Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein decry the     noxious effect of (primarily Republican) ideological extremism on our system of constitutional democracy and the national interest. Bill Maher makes the same point, although more humorously, with his “in the bubble” riffs dramatizing how conservatives don’t let…

Is the creative class headed for extinction?


For every Frank Gehry, Donny Deutsch, Adele, Jeff Koons or newly crowned American Idol/Fashion Star/Chef, there are thousands of working artists pursuing their passion at low- (or no) wage internships, low-paying jobs or—worse—under/un-employed in temporary, this-is-what-pays-the-bills gigs. Writing in Salon, Scott Timberg notes “that creative industries have been some of the hardest hit during the…

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