Monthly Archives: April 2012

Think:Tank thinks green and re-defines design


For reasons I can’t explain, I’ve fallen in love with the home-improvement network, HGTV. There’s something infinitely satisfying about the problem/solution, before-and-after  scenarios that you just don’t find in messy, anxiety-producing real life. Think you can’t afford your dream house? With “Property Brothers,” yes, you can. Hate your home? “Love it or List it.” Paying the…

Discovery comes to Washington,DC


The last time we saw a plane approach a tall building, it ended in unspeakable disaster.  What a difference a decade makes! Today, Washington, DC was treated to the rare view of the space shuttle, Discovery, as it made its final voyage from Cape Canaveral (FL) to the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum near…

Writer, MD: contemporary fiction and nonfiction by doctors


With all the toxicity surrounding health care reform, it is easy to lose sight of the men and women to whom we entrust our care. Writer, MD is a well-timed antidote, bringing us into the hearts, minds and lives of practitioners in this lovely collection of contemporary fiction and nonfiction by doctors. Many of the…

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