Trayvon Martin and Boyz in the Hoodies


A few weeks ago, Kony 2012, the campaign against a murderous African, set a new bar in virality. Turns out there may have been less to that story than we thought (or more, depending on your point of view). Now there is the tragedy of Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old African-American whose death was foretold the minute George Zimmerman, his admitted killer, had him in his sights. Like Kony, it took a while for the news of Trayvon’s murder to get traction, but now social networks are abuzz with videos and protests seeking justice for the young man and his family. One of the best is this one, created by Howard University School of Law, with students and alums dressed in hoodies (seen as a threatening garment in some circles) and asking “Am I suspicious?” Simple, direct, produced from the heart, the short film shows the folly of racial profiling and the heartbreak that ensues when we fail to look past color and see only fear. And in advance of an event scheduled on Saturday in Sanford, FL, MoveOn is mobilizing supporters online by urging them to change their profile pic to a “million hoodie” photo in honor of Trayvon.

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