Weight, weight, don’t tell me

Your weight trends portrayed as rings in a tree

Your weight in pictures

I weigh myself every day. First, I strip down to my underwear, then I make sure the scale rests on the most favorable part of the floor and then I hold my breath and step up to my fate. Often, I have to adjust my glasses to make sure I’m reading the numbers right. How much happier I would be, I think, if my scale depicted symbols instead of poundage (mini-pencil skirt on a good day?) or at least showed I was/had been on the right track over time. Weiche We feels my pain and has created the Weight Recorder, a scale that “sketches your weight like rings in a tree,” a measure not so much of coldhearted numbers but trends in your body condition. By helping you remember what you were doing when you were at your most fit (or not), it can give you insight into how or if your mental state affects your avoirdupois. As medical care depends more and more on patient-centered technology to monitor health in real time, a scale like this is a  perfect balance of art and science.

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