Bedsider keeps birth control within reach

website for free support network for birth control

Just the facts, ma'am

When it comes to contraception, ignorance is not bliss and magical thinking rarely leads to happily ever after. According to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, seven out of 10 pregnancies among single women in their 20s are unplanned. For women not planning to become a statistic, there is now, happily, BEDSIDER.ORG,  a new online birth control support network that helps women find “a birth control method that’s right for them—and stick with it—until they’re ready to have a baby.” Keeping with a “Papa, don’t preach” vibe, Bedsider gives birth control a whole new look and serves up serious, actionable information in a “sexy, friendly, even funny” tone that resonates with women millennials. With attractive visuals, engaging videos and other content (some user-generated), regular text reminders or emails, widgets, apps and a highly intuitive, inviting website, Bedsider reaches out and embraces visitors, breaks down barriers and dispels myths so that women “can love their bodies, have fun, find their best method of birth control…” Bedsider loves women and it appears that women love Bedsider. Early assessments indicate that nearly 80% of women surveyed are trying harder to avoid unprotected sex and credit it with helping them be more careful about using contraception.

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